21-Dhul Qidah-1445


“I saw the publication advertised as I was at traffic lights in Leicester – now I’ve looked on line and it looks excellent”.

 – Leicester Children’s Holidays

“I really liked the 2017 booklet – Great job guys”.

 – Mailika AK

“All I wanted to say is well done for this project and you honestly have helped me persinally a lot with all your posters and your Ramadhan book 2018 which was a very great idea and a good essential tool to keep up with prayer timings, knowing near halal restaurants and encouraging us to support our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in their businesses. . May Allah put lots of blessings in your project and make it a means of further help to all Muslims across the UK. BarakAllahu feekum. Keep up with the good work  and may Allah bless you Always and accept from you all. Ameen. Keep the rest of the ummah in your duas”. 

– Anonymous

“Very nice books, one of our suppliers is from Leicester and they spotted the ad”.

– Ibraheem Toy House

“Just received the books via post. Looks great!”

– Muslim Aid

“We made a trip to Leicester not so long ago and we saw a booklet in a restaurant we were eating from, Alhamdulillah it was a handy small booklet informing us exactly where to find Islamic products or when to attend certain events. If anyone is going to advertise a product or an event then it has to be with Ramadhan Publications, fantastic booklet and its targeting a precise market audience”.

– Halapp – When halal is required, Halapp has provided

“Masha’allah, once again your team has done a great job”

– Rubina

” Mash’allah, Looks Good! You should introduce this in London ” 

– Ummah Life

” Great job with the book, may allah reward you! ” 

– Arifa

” Looks great ” 

– Faaizah

” Just seen your Ramadhan book…Mash’allah you’re doing a great job, keep it up ” 

– Ayesha

” This book has done wonders for us ” 

– Fruitails

” Mash’allah, the book looks great, very professional.  All the people in the office like it as well ” 

– Islam Channel

” The cover looks amazing…Keep it up ”

 – Sam

” Very Impressive ” 

– HSBC Amanah

” Very Nice Mashallah ”

 – James

” It’s a shame the the local Radio Ramadhan has not supported you and a radio station from abroad has…Well Done Guys!! ” 

– Ahmed

” The text service is brilliant…but it should be a FREE service ” 

– Rash

” Really good, mashallah.  Keep it up! ” 

– Nahida

” Looking forward to this years book. ”

 – Maryam G

“Can’t wait to see the latest book – Ramadhan won’t be complete without it!” 

– Sajeda 

” Nice to have support from Leicester City Council for the muslim community.” 

– Mohamed Rayyan

“Nice to see a feature page from the Police Crime & Commissioner great to have them supporting the muslim community!”

 – Nazreen Iqbal

” I love these books every year and look forward to them as it happens I have collected the whole series”. 

– Aqib Raza

“Thank you for the book you prepared on Ramadhan! I loved it. It is very good! Why is it called Eid ‘Mubarak’? Is Mubarak a name of a person?” 

– Anonymous

“Great book interesting information recipes and I always look forward to getting my copy of Ramadan publications keep up the good work”. 

– Nafisa Sheikh

“Received copies of this year’s publication – like the page for Jon”

– Gavin George | Constituency Director for Jon Ashworth MP, Leicester South

“Great book interesting information recipes and I always look forward to getting my copy of Ramadan publications keep up the good work!

 Nafisa Sheikh

“Amazing Colour this year I must say the 2015 has to be the best one” 

– Ali

“Nice message from the The Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby, well done guys for including this in the booklet as always.  This just shows the unity in different cultures across Leicestershire. Keep up the good work”.


“As a non-muslim I think this publication is great it has given me an insight of what Ramadan is and why people fast.  Also I get to know what is happening around Leicester during Ramadan.  It’s also good to see people like the Police and Crimestoppers supporting this publication.  Well done to the Ramadan Publication Team”.

 James Arnshall

” The books have gone like hot cakes ” 

– Mo

” This book came in very handy as I work in Nottingham and it gave an insight to non-muslims on what Ramadhan is about.  May Allah reward you ” 

– Anon

” Your ramadhan publication book gets better and better every year. ” 

– Nad Eem

” These books are everywhere! Mash’allah great job ” 

– Anon

” The booklet looks very appealing ” 

– Leicestershire Constabulary

” We look forward to it every year ” 

– Anon

” WOW!! The cover looks great!!  Love the scratch calendar. ” 

– FD

” Love the mesg from the Mayor….very inspiring… ” 

– Kawser

” The book looks great, very impressed ” 

– Mohammed Farhan

” The best cover so far.  Very Impressive. ” 

– Farhana Apa

” Great to see support from the local council. ” 

– Safraz P

” Amazing Magazine ” 

– Radio Islam 

” the 2014 book is probably the best one yet masha’allah keep up with the hard work. 

– Mohammed Farhan

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